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Sustainablity. The word on everybody's lips in the fashion industry. With the throw away fashion industry becoming a thing of the past, our high street brands are becoming more and more conscious of what they are producing making it much easier for the environmentally conscious among us to shop more sustainably. I have found 3 popular retailers who are offering a more environmentally friendly collection and give a little bit of information on them.

Jacket - H&M  T-Shirt - Monki  Shorts - H&M  Bag - Topshop  Shoes - Castaner

H&M Conscious

My current go-to shop to find something that has been made sustainably, looks stylish and comes with a reasonable price tag. H&M created there conscious range in 2013, aiming to produce sustainable and affordable fashion using sustainably sourced fabrics and/or using sustainable methods. This was the first conscious line that I became aware of and safe to say it doesn't disappoint, with classic and trend led styles that come in a vast size range making it inclusive for all. As well as their conscious line, they also launched the first garment collecting initiative where customers are rewarded with vouchers for donating unwanted textiles to stores.

ZARA Join Life 

A haven for most women on the high street is Zara. With the constant updates of styles and new in pieces, it is probably unknown to many that Zara offer a more sustainable collection. The Join Life campaign offers items created with more ecologically produced fabrics, recyclable packaging for online deliveries and a clothes collecting campaign.  The easiest way to shop this is online as you are able to view the whole collection, however it is stocked in store so watch out for the little JoinLife tags! 


While Levi's do not offer a specific collection, they run multiple campaigns in the aid of becoming a more sustainable brand. The Water<Less innovation means they have saved more than 1.8 billion litres and recycled more than 129 million litres of water so far; as well as the Better Cotton Initiative where they aim for 100% of their cotton use to be sustainably sourced. The Authorised Vintage range, as well as their partnership with RE/DONE means they are able to promote the benefits of upcycling vintage denim.


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